Monday, January 21, 2013

We're back! Datecast Season 2!

Big news fellow daters and datettes! We are BACK! And boy have we got a lot of good news for you. Season 2 of Datecast is up and ready to go... and by that I mean, we recorded it, and we haven't edited it yet, but we will, and then we'll post it on this here internet for all you folks.

We've got a whole bunch of ear candy coming your way about engagements, Cody's love for the girl with the golden earrings (yeah! He found another girl to give a nickname to!), and you know, a ton of other excellent dating advice from yours truly! Not to mention below average advice from Cody DW Scott himself!

Things are changing around here with this here Datecast... the biggest change is possibly that we're just calling it Datecast now. So... drop the DW. But, you can still remember the featuring Madeline part if you want to. I don't see why that would be an issue.

So! Buckle up! Stay tuned! Big fun coming your way!

umm... also, Cody says when I get married I can't host the podcast anymore. So if any of you want to be the new co-host in May, give us a shout out!

ok see ya later.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We go on Double Dates and then we judge you. Who wants to be a part of that??

Well, I know it's been a while, folks, and I promise I have plenty of good reasons and excuses as to why. But for now, here is the newest episode of the podcast!

For this episode, Cody and I asked our "producer" Alex, to help us out. He's been on the podcast a couple times, and is OBVIOUSLY a crowd favorite. I mean, why wouldn't he be? He is really really good at... making fun of Cody... and giving dating advice of course.

Alright, alright, Alex is my boyfriend, so I'm pretty biased. But we came up with a new idea for the podcast, so I promise I wasn't just bringing him on for my own prejudiced purposes. We decided one night that we were going to go on double dates with people, just to observe them, and then talk about it on the podcast. This was a result of going mini-golfing one night, and catching a couple totally using the whole, "wait, how do you swing the club?" gag, which results in the boy putting his arms around the girl and blah blah blah... and we wondered, is that NORMAL?? And so began the idea.

We went on a date with Alex's roommate and girl he has been pursuing. Mini-golfing... you know, just in case the same thing happened. But alas, it was actually pretty boring. The most exciting thing that happened was that they sword fought with their clubs, which I guess could be fun, but Alex and I are too mature to enjoy? Well.

So, we decided to give you all some Double Dating Tips! Or, Double-D as Cody would prefer we all call it. Take that as you will. 

1. Drive separately! It's so awkward to have the double door step scene. Plus, you get extra special car time to get to know each other without another couple observing you.

2. Try to go on a date with couples at the same stage in their relationship as you. You'll both feel more comfortable around each other, with similar PDA levels and all that... However, if you're looking for a shallow make-out date, you may as well go out with a couple you know will be all over each other, because odds are, your date will get pressured into doing the same with you. (Cody's advice, not mine.)

3. Be interactive! I know we stress that a lot, but it's so helpful while dating. There are many more opportunities to get to know each other, flirt a little... that kind of thing.

Well... those are the main points I recall discussing, but as usual, the podcast has a lot more witty banter, good advice (from me), and weird ideas about dating (from Cody), so go ahead and take a listen! 

You can find us at the website linked above, on itunes, and join our group on facebook DW Datecast. Cody can be followed on twitter @DatecastCody, I can be followed @shor_t_rose, and datecast updates and funny sarcastic nuances can be found @DWDatecast. Thanks for reading, listening, or even just browsing!

Peace out, homies.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cody thinks kissing is service, which I don't agree with.

Alright folks! Can you say, FINALLY? Here's the deal. We were supposed to have a podcast out last week on Dating Myths, but through a series of unfortunate events, the podcast was deleted, and we had to set up a skype date to re-record. We decided to scrap dating myths for a while, and just talk about kissing. Because who doesn't love some good kissing talk? On this podcast we discuss first kisses, what they mean at different stages, how to overcome the fear, and the two rules you should remember before kissing someone.

So, if you want to hear everything we talked about in the podcast, you should listen to it, because this is not going to be a specific transcript like the Singles Ward Episode. (most popular episode ever! Woo!)

You know, back in the olden days, men and women were barely allowed to be in the same room alone with each other. Especially if they were dating. Like, maybe if they were just friends, it was fine, but if they were dating, they each needed a chaperone, if not two. And I'm not saying that I want things to go back to that, because I for sure don't, but I just think it's interesting. Kissing was so intimate back then, because it was rare that you actually got to do it. And here we are these days, when if you have been with each other like three times, it's basically expected that you kiss. Not because you like each other a lot, or want to date at all, but because you have simply been near each other. 

I'm not saying it's always like this. There are many respectful people out there to date, who think that kissing is important and special and should always be that way. But I think a good majority of people think, whatever, it's just kissing. 

Which, with that thought, I think kissing is what you make it. If you want it to mean something, and you're with the right person, it will mean something. If you don't care if it matters, then it won't. The most important thing is that you evaluate your feelings for real. Do you want things to continue with this person? What kind of message do you hope to be sending by kissing them? Have you noticed signals from the person that they are interested in kissing you as well? What do you think their motives are? 

These are the things you need to look for, for a meaningful kiss!

If you don't know how to kiss, here are the steps:

1. Create the Opportunity: If you want to kiss someone, you need to make it an option. You are not going to get kissed if you aren't even looking at the person. So that's the first step, look at the person head on. Eye contact is essential at first. Yep, I'm talking some full frontal eye gazing. I went there.

2. Wait Time: The worst part of creating the opportunity is keeping it going. There you are, gazing into each others eyes, and NOTHING IS HAPPENING! Do you keep looking? Do you look away?? If you want that kiss, you better keep looking. Boys need time to gather their courage, and girls need time to decide if they want it or not... ha ha.

3. Lean In: Umm... pretty self explanatory.

4. Stagger and Tilt: This is ESSENTIAL! You don't want to hit noses, but you don't want to turn your face horizontal. Tilt your face whichever way is most comfortable. Just to the side of the nose. And then stagger your lips! Do not go top lip to top lip. You need to be in between. Pick the top lip to aim for, OR the bottom lip, and go for it. Not both! There is no need for both, you greedy people.

5. Try Not to Laugh: This is a mostly personal one. I have a hard time not laughing after kissing. I get awkward sometimes, so what? 

Ok, go on a date! And kiss someone! But only if you mean it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

singles ward survival guide!

It's that magical time again! Click here to listen to the new podcast entitled "Singles Ward Survival Guide" --> HERE!

For those of you not in the know about Singles Wards... here's a quick explanation. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we have wards. Wards are filled with people from a certain area, and they are assigned to a certain building, and a certain time for worship service. A SINGLES WARD is a ward for young single people between the ages of 18-31, because we're all in the same position in life... and also because they want us to date each other. The thing about Singles Wards is that sometimes, they're a little weird. So, Cody and I decided to make a "Singles Ward Survival Guide", which mostly consists of classifying everyone and telling you to avoid them. But, you know. So, listen up and figure out where you fit in the singles ward! And what you can do to not be one of these people!


1. Sauron Girls: These are the girls in the ward who think only about the ring. They want that shiny bling on their finger, and they don't care who they steamroller over to get it. They will date anyone who crosses their path to get that 2 carat dream ring.

2. Premies: These are the little 18-19 year old boys who just got out of high school and are preparing to go on a mission. On their missions, they can't be kissing any ladies, so the Singles Ward is their playground. They want to find any girls they can to "fill the canteen".

i do not know this kid. google images.
3. Sour Patch Girls: These are the girls who are pretty jaded by love, and are "sour" toward dating. It's really too bad for them, because someone surely likes them. But they don't even bother anymore.

4. Soul Patch Guys: These are the guys who are getting a little old for the singles ward. They're having a mid-twenties identity crisis. They grow their soul patches in order to look cooler, and try to win the girls over. Silly soul patch guys.

i also do not know this guy.
5. Mission Plug Boys: These return missionaries cannot bring up anything in front of a crowd without mentioning their mission. We're happy they went on missions. But still.

i do know this guy. it's Cody!
6. The Question Marks: How old are these guys? You can't tell if they're a member of the bishopric, or if they're just soul patch guys without the soul patch. It's a confusing thing. Make it obvious, boys. Wear your age on your forehead for crying out loud!

like this guy. you never knew he was like 30 on hannah montana, did you?
7. The Self-Promoters: These are the girls who will lie to make something happen with a guy. It's like when a girl goes up and pretends she likes the same things as the guy, even if she has no clue what she's talking about. Be honest, ladies! You don't have to like EVERYTHING they do. In fact, you can tell them that if they want to take you on a hike, they should make it a short and easy one. If they like you enough, they won't mind.

i mean, right?
8. Overzealous: These are the boys who are the equivalent of the Sauron Girls. They will date anyone to get married. So, obviously, if you're a Sauron girl, you should find an Overzealous boy, and all of your problems will be solved.

9. The Players: These are the cutest boys in the ward that all the girls want, but the boys has no intention of ever dating anyone, even though they take out multiple girls in a week.
it's just... so dramatic. how could I not?
10. Little Engines That Could: These are the boys who are like Players, but it's only because every time they ask a girl out, they are rejected. And yet, they still persevere and ask girls out and have faith! Keep on keepin' on, boys!


Don't date your home teacher.

Girls, don't ask guys out unless it's a desperate situation. Just do your job and look pretty.

And finally, don't bother just getting married without dating. You need to date the person to learn all about them! Put in the effort!

And that's all for today, folks. Catch ya later. Feel free to "like" our Facebook page, DW Datecast feat. Madeline, follow us on Twitter @DWDatecast, and follow this blog! Go ahead and comment and tweet us with ideas you would like us to talk about on the podcast. We love your input! Thanks everyone!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

get over it, fools!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been very attentive to this lovely blog. I just happened to take a vacation to England for 10 days! Lucky me! Anyway, here is the newest episode of datecast -----> click here!

And here is the blog post I wrote on my personal blog, P.S. My Name Is Madeline that inspired the datecast! If you want to hear more, you should listen to the podcast, if you don't have time to listen, this should suffice. Stay pretty, Salt Lake City! And hey, ask someone on a date!

A question I get most often from my friends is, "How do you get over boys?" And sometimes I feel like I'm the worst person in the world to ask. Because frankly, it doesn't take me that long. 
Haha... that sounded heartless.... but look at it this way. I date boys, and so far, it hasn't worked out. This doesn't mean it will NEVER work out, it just means that it hasn't yet. It is so so easy to fall into the trap of, "I date so many boys, and none of them work out! Maybe something is wrong with me???" 
That's wrong. The truth of the matter is, not every single boy you date (or girl, if you are a boy who is reading this...) is going to be THE ONE. In fact, you'd better hope not all of them are, because that would be super duper stressful. 
The reason that we date people is to LEARN something. I can look back at each of my relationships and say this worked, and this definitely did not. And with this knowledge, I approach a new relationship stronger and smarter than before. 

It's hard, really hard, to have a break up with somebody. You're used to them around. They text you, call you, cuddle with you, kiss you, make you feel special... and suddenly they are gone. You don't have the "we" factor anymore. If there is one thing I make sure to stress to my friends who ask me about break-ups, I tell them that they need some time by themselves. Being with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) becomes so normal and comfortable, that you forget how to be alone. How to be by yourself, just you, no one else. 

Another thing that I don't do is wallow. I just don't. I don't want to. I just can't be that person who crawls into bed and cries for days on end over what could have been. I definitely cry, but there is a moment when the tears have just got to stop... time to move on.
 I don't want to be the person who says, "remember that time when we did this and it was so so perfect and I thought maybe we would be together forever??" I want to be the person who says, "I remember that time, things were really good, and I was happy. But I also remember that time that things weren't so great, and I would like to not go through that again." 
I have to look at both sides of the story. If you get stuck remembering the good times, you won't learn what you're supposed to from the relationship.

And lastly, I look forward to the future. Every time I have a break up, I can't help but be weirdly excited for the next boy to come along. Like, "oh! That didn't work out this time, which means...*excited pause* something even better is around the corner!!!!" 
Because it is! Something better is always coming. 
So I jump right back into life, full speed ahead. That's the easiest way for me to get over it, is just living in the present and looking forward to the future instead of dwelling in the past. 

So there you have it (even if you didn't ask for it), my steps to getting over a boy (or girl??).
To recap:
1: Learn to be yourself again.
2: Focus on the whole picture.
3: Look forward to the future.
4: Take the lesson you were meant to learn, and use it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

in a relationship, you shouldn't be selfish

This is the newest episode of Datecast! ---> HOW TO HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP

In this most recent episode, Cody and I talk about relationships, and how to have a good one. Since I obviously am at that point in my life where I need to talk about this... it made the most sense. (so, don't take this next weekend's topic personally, Alex... it is what it is.)

Date Recap:

I'm the only one who had a date! Again! Is it just me, or is Cody slacking off? Alex came up and visited me at work. It was really nice of him! He had to drive an hour and a half! We watched fireworks for Utah's holiday Pioneer Day, and then just sat and talked for a while. It was so nice to have some down time! Cody makes some jokes about how I invited my friends on the date with me... and that our first date as a couple was a double date. What really happened was that my friend Kjarinda (Ka-Rin-Da) wanted to go watch the fireworks with her boy, and we decided to do that together! But they left when the fireworks were over. So we really had a lot of time to ourselves. And honestly, I don't remember ever specifying that it was a date. So. It was still fun.

And then... one that we didn't talk about! I got to take Alex with me to the RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING THEME PARK CALLED LAGOON! (It's average at best.) We rode a few rides and hung out with my sisters and friends (which, I'm sure, Cody would not approve of.) But it ended up being a good time. It's always good to spend time together!

Date Debate:

We decided to talk about how to have a good relationship. How to be a good girlfriend/boyfriend kind of deal. We talk about a lot of things, and honestly, this date debate is one of our better ones. The most important points that we discussed were that relationships require you to not be SELFISH! And to treat the other person how you would like to be treated. I don't know... just listen to it.

Also, something that's really fun to do is take the 5 Love Languages Quiz! (you can click on that) This quiz shows how you give and receive love, and if you know that, you should have minimal problems keeping your relationship going. So. Go forth and do.

Take someone on a date! (That means you, Cody)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

a podcast and date recap and some all caps kind of sentences

Hey there peeps! (ew, did I really  just say that? oh well. I'm leaving it.) I haven't blogged in a while. My bad. Or probably Cody's bad. Why am I the only one who blogs, anyway? Is it because I'm a girl? How sexist are we?

Here is the most recent podcast... as of like, a week ago. (sorry sorry sorry! But honestly, if you "like" our facebook page, you don't have to worry about waiting such a long time for them! Just throwing that out there!) Click here --> PODCAST!!!!!! (that was for you, grandma and grandpa. p.s. if you click the BOYS TALK ABOUT FLIRTING you can get to the other one. sorry for the no arrow confusion... arrows from now on!)

The latest podcast featured a guest podcaster who was none other than WEDNESDAY NIGHT GIRL herself! Brook Adkins! Basically, she comes on the show and refutes everything Cody has ever said about her, which I thought was pretty awesome. I want you guys to listen to it, so I'm only going to tell you my favorite part, and then I'm going to talk about me! (ha!) Remember that story where Cody, under his breath, asked Brooke out, and she kept talking and didn't acknowledge it at all? We decided that she probably didn't hear him, and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Only it turns out that she DID hear him, and ignored him because she was in the middle of a sentence, and she thinks "what are you doing this weekend" is the worst question in the world. But she did want him to try to ask her out again... so it's too bad he gave up on her and she got an old man boyfriend. Oh, the horror!

In other news, all about me, and my dating life that is cool, would you like to hear a date recap? Everyone say "yes"!

The gist of the thing is this - picnic, chocolate covered strawberries, bridge, bench, and sunset + random fireworks on a mountain. oh, and then The Dark Knight Rises because... duh.

Samples of Conversations on a Date Recap

Alex: I was trying to think of food that you have on picnics, like when we were little? So I brought Sunny D.
Madeline: Yeah, that's a no brainer.

Alex: I'm actually allergic to bees, but I don't know what will happen when I get stung.  You may have to take me to the hospital.
Madeline: Really? Can we test it out?

Madeline: I was debating on wether to wear nice shoes or hiking shoes. I almost wore nice shoes, because I didn't really feel like hiking. But I settled on Toms.
Alex: Last time you wore those, you fell down.
Madeline: Exactly. So, maybe we shouldn't hike.
Alex: It's short, we'll just go to a bridge!

Madeline: (Standing on road) Is this the bridge?
Alex: Right here?
Madeline: Yes.
Alex: ... No.

Madeline: Oh, this bridge is actually kind of cool! There is a little river! People's initials are carved in it!  A cafe rio cup is in the water!
Alex: Oh, that was probably from Cody. The birds will make a nest from it!

Alex: Let's race sticks down the river. You have to be really careful which stick you choose, it needs to be really aerodynamic.
Madeline: (breaks stick off branch.) Let's go.
(They drop the sticks off the bridge, Madeline's gets stuck on a rock. Alex's disappears.)
Alex: Ohhhhh... there are too many sticks and rocks for them to get through. It's a dam.
Madeline: I think I won.

Alex: Do you want to go out with me?
Madeline: Where?
Alex: ...To the zoo.
Madeline: Umm....
Alex: No, like go out, like dating...
Madeline: Oh, so like, me and you? You and me? No one else? 
Alex: ... yeah...
Madeline: Sure.

And that's your date recap in some snippets of conversation. Boring? Haters back off.